Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm With Stupid: The Blogsite!!

Hi Kidz...Matt-Man here on behalf of myself and Jay.

IWS is a show that for now, airs live every Sunday on Blog Talk Radio at 11 AM EDT.

Jay and I have done a handful of shows and well...we are getting better. 

For instance yesterday, for the first time since the show's inception, my phone and internet did not crash.

I want to thank the fine folks at Time Warner for forgetting to kill my connection yesterday. 

I am sure it was an over sight, but one for which our hundreds dozens handful of listeners are happy.

Listen to internet radio with Im With Stupid on Blog Talk Radio


We talk about all things political, cultural, societal, sexual, and well...whatever. 

However, we talk about these things with a stink eye for the stupid.

We make fun of stupid, over the top, view points and people.

I hope that you will listen to Jay and I each and every Sunday, and for more info, you can go to our Blog Talk Radio link @:

This website just got started so in the meantime, and until something fun happens, here's a picture for your enjoyment...

A Picture of my favorite Iranian/Danish feast, Heidi Zadeh:


Your ideas for show topics are always welcome as are pictures of yourselves naked.

You can leave them in the comments box or e-mail them to:

Here's to you guys helping Jay and I building, I 'm With Stupid into the best show on Blog Talk Radio.

On behalf of Jay who is drunk and fondling himself over pictures of Natalie Portman somewhere in Arkansas...


This is the new home of I'm With Stupid


  1. Sweet site dude!

    We've had some pretty decent ratings the first five weeks. More than I thought we would. haha

  2. It's only gonna get better...Just takes some time and practice my friend!! Cheers to Ya Jay!!

  3. Oooops...I need to sign out and bac in as Matt-Man!!

  4. Ooohhhh! Now it's all official and shit!

  5. So you were thinking of cutting back on blogging so you started a new blog. ........... .......... ........... So you were thinking of cutting back on blogging so you started a new blog. ........ Some how when I type that it just doesn't sound right.

  6. I love the fact that you guys got a blog just for your blogtalk radio, that’s awesome! You should consider getting a as well…

  7. Mike: Ha. I know!! I'm a Maaaaadman. Cheers and thanks for calling in. Cheers Mike!!

    Scott: We'll consider that!! I think all shows should have their own dedicated site. Cheers Scott!!

  8. As directed, I am here. See the power you have Buddy and Jay you are my favorite horned man with an easy listening radio voice :)

  9. I must have gone right but I thought I was left.

  10. I've enjoyed the show almost as much as bacon...almost!


  11. Lu: You are wonderful as always. Here's to ya Pal. Cheers!!

    Micky: I heard you go both ways. You do occasionally wear a moo-moo after all. Cheers Mick!!

    Ryan: Bacon RAWWWKS, and thanks Dogger. Cheers!!