Saturday, October 9, 2010

Show Info for October 10th, and Our Hot, Smart Babe of the Week!!

Tomorrow, Sunday October 10th at 11 AM EDT, Jay and I will, among our typical funny stuff, be discussing our worst dates evah.

Please join us for your Sunday morning hangover cure. 

Listen in, call-in, and help us mock the stupid.

Until then, enjoy our I'm With Stupid Hot, Smart Babe of the Week...

Some of you know her, many of you hate her, but...

She's Dana and a Mint Chocolate Chip Blizzard from DQ looks good on her.

Dana is an accountant who resides in the Land of Lincoln, and her bottom line is always right where it should be.

Please join us tomorrow and if you get the chance, "Like" us on Facebook.  All the info can be found in our sidebar.

Until tomorrow at 11 AM EDT on Blog Talk Radio, Jay and I bid you...

Hola and Cheers, Bitches!!


  1. Okay, did the nipple ring hurt? 'Cause my nose piercing and naval hurt like a mo-fo! I love Dairy Queen but, alas, I am lactose intolerant! Life is so not fair!

    Great choice, BTW!

    Hmmm... worst date ever... that's a tough contest right there! So many to choose from!

  2. I feel so ... so ... EXPOSED!

    Desert Rat, yes, it hurt like HELL and continued to hurt like HELL for 3 months ... and I have an extremely high pain tolerance.

  3. It hurt? Mine only hurt for a second and then all was fine. Guess I'm lucky. I hope someone was there to help you clean up all that icecream.

  4. Dana, I just seen this and what can I say??? WOW! hahahahah